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Merging descriptive essay in essay structure: Complete guide with example

If you're a neophyte scribbler, you must read this article till the end. Here, we will teach you the method of creating a descriptive essay with an example, step by step. Remember, a writer must know the art of presenting the right piece of information according to its place. For instance, if you define the subject in the topic at the end of the essay, it will ruin your writing efforts. All write my essay queries are processed fast.

The first thing that must come first. The essay structure comes up with a complete guide of mentioning the text according to the requirement. You may consider it a chronological structure. In the complete guide, we will take an example of your emotional attachment with your best friend.

The structure of the essay has three major components that are as follows.

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion

Let's commence composing the essay on my best friend.


The introductory paragraph has to be precise. Firstly, you've to put down an interesting opening statement to grab the target audience's attention. You can write it as "It was a catch-22 situation for me when my friend came up with a concrete solution. He was the man who defused the dangerous situation. Yes, it was my best friend".

You must have found the opening statement fascinating as well as sensationalizing. The opening mentioned above statement is strong enough to seek the attention of the readers. It will urge them to read the text further to know the details about the incident. If you’re looking for a professional write my paper service than send your request along with details at 5staressays.

Briefly present the importance of the topic. It requires you to mention the reason before the readers what makes you write this essay.

You can mark down the reason as "it is necessary to have true friends around you. You must avoid becoming friends with fake people".

Thirdly, writing an intriguing statement is a challenging task for neophyte writers. You've to fight tooth and nail to write an attractive and eye-catching yet concise thesis statement. It is the crux of the whole essay. It can be written as "Choose a friend wisely. All that glitters is not gold. Furthermore, a man is known by the company he keeps."

Main Body

It is the section where you have to explain the thesis statement. It would help if you made several paragraphs, and ensuring smooth transitions among those paragraphs is essential. It does not break the rhythm of a reader of reading the text. Besides, it makes it easy for readers to establish a better understanding of the subject of the topic. If you’re willing to pay someone to write my paper than send query at 5staressays.

You've to draw a clear picture of the scene. You've to involve all five senses to bring a moving image in the text. It will take the reader to the next world.

In this essay, you can commence explicating your friend's characteristics as "it was winter's morning; the sun was shining and providing us warmth. Birds were chirping, and we were sitting beside the river. My friend, along with his family and I were on a picnic at a hill station. Suddenly, we saw a bird. It was bleeding and was unable to fly. My friend left the meal and ran away towards the bird and bandaged it wound."


Write the concluding remarks precisely. You may suggest, recommend, and give a strong message to the targeted audience.

In the above paragraph, you're telling the audience that your friend is a kind-hearted person; that's why he has great importance in your life. A true friend should have good qualities so that you can share your happiness and sorrows with him. He becomes your strength.

A student with no writing experience often thinks how to write essay for me in a presentable way whenever his teacher assigns him an essay writing task. Well, this article has answered many queries that may be floating in your mind about compiling a handy descriptive essay.

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